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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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you need to be responsible for the water that goes into the system. you need to establish to make sure that they are asking you for money and that you actually have a sound basis to find a specific project. other protocols i think you need to implement is something for a hierarchy. i think the best way to think about it is to move from demand to supply. the first thing we need to be
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looking at is retrofiting existing infrastructure, and at the very end looking at infrastructures so you have a hierarchy of how decisions are made. a couple of other points on impacted communities -- you also have to think about habitats. also environmental qualities and inhabitants. finally, karen did a pretty good job of presenting this, but we are already faced with two different cost numbers you're a good it is best to do your
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utmost to see these things up. -- to speed these things up. we are paying with escalated incomes. it is how you present the numbers. it has a real possibility of coming out of context and scaring people syria otherwise, i think there -- scaring people. otherwise, i think there has been a lot of good here. >> next plays. >> -- next please. >> i am really courageous --
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encouraged by everything i have seen. i am going to encourage you to adopt a resolution today. i think the amount of development and the quantitative nature of services is worth adopting today, understanding of lot of uncertainty you are concerned about is really going to be affected by the management. i think we will actually achieve it by implementing the watershed framework, and we've will be achieved by it the analysis. -- it will be achieved by analysis. all these things going for our -- forward are part of what they
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can cover, so i would really encourage you to adopt the resolution. it is time to start fixing some of the problems. i want to echo what was said about coordination. it has long been said that working together with other projects is important for the sources some plan. i think it would be stronger language than incorporating it, and i would like to say we published a report. what should be the objectives for the waste water plans to years ago? -- two years ago. the current draft satisfies all those objectives.
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i think all the implementation and details going forward is how we will really manage the challenges. we will continue monitoring implementation of these approve this through the watershed approach, so i encourage you to move the system forward. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. good afternoon, commissioners. with all due respect, i am going to confer with the first speakers and ask you to delay your resolution to take up a number of things that have come before you today when during public comment as well. i do not think after all the great work that has gone into this to us for this is too much to ask.
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i have a couple other things. first, we look forward to the development of a watershed for a more rigid the frame works include a framework to develop it and amending and other plans as needed. wheat think it is one of the fundamental elements required to make this a success. they should look at all elements before considering any new elements. they should not wait until the completion of this plan. they should define the program and how it allows them to make investments that contain the system. they should ensure the funding is appropriately invested in
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green infrastructure. there is plenty of great language in the report, but what are the comparative commitment and in festive elements. -- investing elements. the other question is how does the plan reduce floating into the ocean? how does the plan and address environmental justice concerns? please identify the distinct benefits that will proactively a sign of higher level of service,
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that do not just minimize harm but act as a catalyst. the commission should adopt a policy that projects will be funded on the overall system. of course the puc is going to be the one to bear the costs down the road. we encourage the improvements of the watershed approach, and finally and to review to be fundamentally engaged with the waste water management system to insure they will base its of the arts facilities -- they will be state of the art facilities.
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you will be the ones left to maintain. >> any other public comments? go ahead. >> what are the implications if we waited? other than you would be frustrated and feel unappreciated? when we have a better document if we waited two weeks? >> can we amend its? >> almost all the comments were not addressing this side of the page. a goovirtually all the commentse on this side. that will not get addressed
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until we moved down the line, so if i actually heard more about a level of service discussion, i would have been much more willing to say, let's go ahead and continue this for a while. i think my suggestion would be if there is an amendment that needs to be made, we can make that at any time. there was at least one comment about adding environmental service. virtually every other comment -- if somebody has a better way of saying to be a good neighbor, i would love it, but every other, and was the other side of the page, which is part of the frustration of how we do it where we are adopting levels of service and not the larger plan.
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the intensity discussion we had earlier, that does get back to level of service. everything else is on the other side of the page or further on. >> i agree with the gentleman. it was all implementation. there will be plenty of opportunities to engage in putting more rigor around it. >> we are going to be developing an awful water should frame work theory dead -- developing of full watershed framework. we are going to need to do the same for each of these. alex has brought of the issue of having clear guidelines for the other departments.
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it is all implementation issues. if there are wording changes, i did not hear in a period -- i did not hear them. we can refine the strategies of how we get there a. >> it took me awhile to figure out a lot of the things i cared about were the implementation strategy, and they are, so that makes some sense. i did not see anything that reflects fundamentally on the overall goals. we do not have the resolution. >> you had an amendment. >> when we adjourned, we called
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the item. it is the second workshop. >> item 13, i called for your, inferior -- call for your comments. first of all, i am pretty comfortable with what is your -- here. what i would suggest is we add a further resolved, that staff adapt to increased intensity and propose amendments as appropriate. the way we phrase the level of service as inches, all the others are very general, and then we work of the details in
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the implementation strategy the reagan -- implementation strategy. >> as long as we do not go to a five-year storm. good >> everybody thinks they understand what that means. >> any further question? any other public comments? seeing none, i thank you. >> i will move that amendment. >> there is no issue with the amendments? >> second. >> there have been questions called. all those in favor of adopting its, say aye. ayes have it. >> i have a question. in item 13, it says beginning
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in 2003. >> i am told that is in the report. i think the history goes by further for some of us when we recall it being put together. it was cut, and the needs we are talking about were not so drastically different from what we were looking for in 2001, and it got cut, so your history is correct. that would have been the baseline proposal. >> it is for 1999 or 2000.
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it probably started 10 years before that, too. >> thank you. we receive all your checks. i want to thank the public for showing up. i think we can take this to the information stage. >> the next item is approval of the regular meetings of the meeting of june 22 and the special meeting of july 9, 2010. >> i will take a motion to except acce -- accept a and b. >> second. >> any public comment on those minutes? hearing and seeing none, all those in favor of item 14? >> aye.
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>> ayes have it. any public comments? seeing none, off to item 16. >> item 16 is communication. >> the commissioners have received electronic copies, and if they wish a copy, they can be provided. and events calendar is also available, and if there are any changes, a comment can be made now. >> any colleagues on 16? >> i do not think i got a copy. >> [inaudible] >> it was a black-and-white copy showing the inspection. >> were we going to go through some of it? is that what that is for?
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>> you say the great thing was the semi annual inspection report? >> 0, that. >> i got that, yes. >> we will take a moment to look at that and ask any questions. >> is there a part of this? this is inspection. >> under paragraphs c, we have
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an odor control report. is there an odor control report? >> we have never done one other than the ones shown today. we can certainly include that. this is the inspection and replacement. >> why don't we work on this and get back to you? >> and the other questions? -- any other questions? >> do we have the funds to inspect from last year? >> the question was do we have
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the ones from last year? >> 2010-11. >> that is what we were expecting. this is part of the sewer assessment. we are including it as part of the 219. >> my question is do you think the goal can be reached. >> we have reached every goal for the past two years. the reason i say that with confidence is we will have the equipment. the others are on their way. they will help us with this work. we will get them.
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anything else? >> thank you. >> is there anything else on that? other commission business? >> the state water resources board issued a report. >> is the microphone on? >> the state water board issued a report, and i would like a staff assessment of that report and what implications there mayb be. >> we will do that. >> any public comment? hearing and seeing none, we are off to the next item. >> the next item is a report of the general manager, should he have any thing.
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>> just too quick notes. -- two quick notes. if you recall from the joint meeting, we talked about having it by the end of the month. they asked us to delay that. they are having an additional meeting, and they wanted to take a look at our draft, so we delayed issuance. we were hoping to get that out next month should we have anything substantive. the other item that was alluded to, but if i can ask for you to have a little more detail. >> just a brief slide i have prepared, are good streak continues, so the news i mentioned earlier?
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-- so the news i mentioned earlier -- we did get good borrowing rates. we are locking in as much as we need. it does mean that being able to get these low rates, $437 million -- what that means is over that time, it is $105 million in savings. we issued tax-exempt, and we refunded what averred that we have outstanding, and every time we sell bonds, we looked at every other bond we have outstanding.
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this is a payment of $2.7 million of the 135, so it is very good. j.p. morgan bought all the tax- exempt at $103 million. it was 2.35%, and then bankamerica merrill lynch bought the direct pay subsidy bonds under the recovery act. we will next be in the market for the waste water.
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we will be doing an energy von for the prize. congratulations. >> even though it is a market force, is there any way to communicate that to the general public? >> we have not concluded that. it has been discussed with our wholesale customers. >> these are important facts the public ought to know. we had this discussion about waste water. thank you for this. this is tremendous. >> we are taking this to heart with what was requested on
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measures of the effectiveness, so the popular report we have yet to see a draft copy of it, but we are getting closer. this is one thing to communicate about the next 30 years. that concludes my report unless you have questions. >> thank you. it takes a general manager. >> we have no speaker cards on the report, so the next item would be 19. >> good afternoon. sorry i missed your retreat. we had a chance -- a chance to chat about it. i am sorry to tell you i do not think we won. i finally got away.
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i also left nicole in charge of one of our most important board meetings were they considered the project, and the board did approve the $2.3 million study it. we have a three phase approach, and this is the first step of the second phase. the third phase is implementation, actually building things water comes out of, so we are very pleased. she did a good job. we are moving forward quickly. on the bond sale, that was a report made at the last meeting, and it has kept us up to speed with that, and it is good news, and good news is in short supply, so if there is a way to get that out, that would be a lot of us read with
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interest the article that appeared -- that would be a lot of good. the article appeared, and i am not concerned working with other studies that are regionwide. i am not concerned with the quality. i think it is appropriate. however, i do expect concerns, because i want to get more facts. i will speak to the staff to make sure i am up to speed. i will make sure there are things you can copy so we can send those out to the directors. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i will answer one question
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the reagan pacific northwest is where we went. -- i will answer one question. pacific northwest is where we went. >> any public comments? hearing and seeing none, we are off to the next one. >> all matters listed here are considered to be redeemed by the san francisco public utilities commission and will be acted upon by a single vote of the commission. a, ratify the declaration of energy made by the general manager. b, approve the catalog, general construction. c, accept work performed for water


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